Saturday, March 19, 2011


I've never taught in Boston before now. I was invited by Boston actors. So here it is folks: Two days but you can enroll in one or both. They are unique contents. But if you are a total newbee, Saturday is for you. A plus: John Florian of Voiceoverxtra speaks on this day. Also featured both days is my associate Michael Kelly who teaches recording studio equipment and recording tech. Find out the information you need whether you're new or looking to move your vo career to the next level. And also, I'm teaching private hours in Boston Friday April 15 and Monday April 17 by appointment. M. Kelly is offering private consultations too. Book on our site and or phone me at 214-638-TALK (8255). SPECIAL OFFER: We're extending a whopping 25% discount to all members of the performing unions AFTRA,SAG, AFof MUSICIANS, AGVA, EQUITY. Use the code AFTRA on my website in the store to get the discounted price. NOTE: You must register first on homepage as first time visitor in order to purchase in my store. SEE YA IN BOSTON!
Bettye Zoller