Saturday, January 15, 2011

First 2011 Blog from Bettye Zoller

New busy year. My first-ever online course starts in voice overs Jan 18 for six non-consecutive nights. and I hope you join us. This is something I've wanted to do for a long while. Thanks to John Florian and Voiceoverxtra for pushing me to do this. We're planning a second online course for more advanced or graduates of this six class course to start in May. Watch for details.

And February 8 is my webinar on Audiobooks 2011: State of the Industry and so excited and pleased that my guest is the famous Robin Whitten, pioneer and the founder of the bible of the industry, AudioFile Magazine. Visit her website often for amazing information. Click on to hear narrations, see new titles, awards, great site all free.
Then it's on to Nashville TN where I teach Audio Books at The Actors School there with voice trainer and audio book expert Joe Loesch. I'm very honored to be doing this. I'll offer consultations too while there if you want private session with me.

Happy New Year everyone. Promise to blog often in 2011 and see my site and the VOICEOVERXTRA site for complete webinar listing for 2011 monthly!
Bettye Zoller