Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday, Sweet Sunday...

Gorgeous fall day in Dallas. Not cool but semi- and invigorating after our intense summer heat. I'm going to buy bulbs for our gardener to plant in anticipation of next spring. Bulbs must be planted about this time of the year and left planted all winter. Tulips, daffodils, crocus are my favs. I love flowers. Have you ever really looked closely at the face of the flower, pansy? No two are the same and they look like a beautiful mosaic. And yellow roses fill one entire corner of the backyard now, spilling over the neighbor's fence and towering a good thirty feet tall over it. She loves them too. I planted that bush about ten years ago. It was very small. One bush! Flowers are so rewarding. They love you back. Plant a flower or two and even if in pots, that's fine too. A potted garden is fun. I love houseplants too. But when you travel, you must have all of them taken care of by someone. Don't forget. One misstep and they die. They depend on you.

Watching TV today and reading but must start mixing editing audio project for Chicago client. Gotta do it. Work. More later.

Happy Sunday.
Bettye Zoller

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