Sunday, September 26, 2010

Changing of the Seasons-New Beginnings

The changing season brings to mind many fall seasons in my life, burning leaves in Kansas City where it wasn't illegal then, gorgeous colors of Northern trees (when we see a brilliant tree color here in Texas, it's an unusual sight...alas), Halloween, Thanksgiving, wearing jackets and coats, chilly mornings. Mom and Dad, God bless 'em, still miss them daily, getting me ready for school, insisting I dress warmly. The smell of bacon cooking in the Autumn morning air. Knowing that winter was around the corner and winter was difficult with snow and ice and freezing temperatures but it was a new season too and always interesting and beautiful. I don't like living where we don't have distinct seasons. California would drive me bonkers, Arizona, New Mexico, places where we don't get the abrupt changes and dramatic sights of various seasons. Now I know those who live in these parts will disagree and so be it...I love your states too. I just miss the North and yet, don't miss the brutal winters...every part of the U.S. has beauty and I know that! But this morning, blogging, it occurs to me that many of my memories of past life are tied with seasons, happenings in certain times of the year, sights and sounds of seasons. Watermelon gardens and picnics in the summer nights, snow and ice in winter, summer evenings and crickets and lightning bugs (don't see them very much anymore...), spring flowers and birds singing as the wake up from the long winter and fly back North. And seasons of a career are important to think about too. Are you new? In the first season of your career? You've growing to do. Embrace it. Are you older with many seasons behind you, yet new seasons to come? Good. Every season has joy. Go for it.

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