Sunday, December 19, 2010

Start Your Year with My Webinar/Online Course

January 4 is our webinar "Seven Steps to Branding Your Voice Over Business" sponsored by VOICEOVERXTRA. See this for more info and to enroll at the special sale price (start the year off right) of only $34.95)

And January 18 is the first night of our online voice over course for beginners sponsored by Voiceoverxtra. Visit for information and to enroll. It is six nights, mostly one per week. See schedule on this URL site. The course covers all the most important basic areas. If you cannot attend a night, John Florian and VOXTRA email you the podcast of each night afterward anyway so you have not lost out. You will also receive a handout with each class, plus you get to ask questions!

Voice overs are complex and varied and your educating yourself in all the many facets of this profession is a vital task you must do in order to have even a modicum of success! I have always believed that succeeding in voice overs is more a matter of business acumen than it is voice acting prowess. The finest actors in the world are waiting tables. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but the point is, why do some actors become millionaires, billionaires, while others can't afford a closet-sized tenement apartment? Business savvy and hard work at building one's career is at the forefront of success in all fields of endeavor!

Hope you'll join us Jan 4 and then for the online course starting Jan 18.
Happy New Year!
Bettye Zoller
"A goal without a deadline is only a dream."

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