Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mother's Day Memories Young Girls Will Dig

When I had my first son in 1968 I first used cloth diapers and had a diaper service wash them and come to the apt. daily to collect old and bring new. I had no idea how much my life would smell of urine and acid. It was terrible. Get this: Pampers were brand new. Yes, it's true. They were new. A girlfriend told me about them and I was all over that in a minute. Salvation. Expensive but who cared? I should have cared. We didn't have money. But I bought them anyway. When I had the baby, no one had ultrasound. We didn't know the sex nor did we know if the baby was ok or ill or .... I used to worry whenever he didn't kick for awhile. Basically, it was the dark ages.

When my firstborn entered preschool, other women could not believe I worked. I was a studio jingle singer, voice coach, and voice over talent. Still, they were stay-at-homes. They were amazed I worked and often became upset with me because I couldn't keep a carpool schedule going or attend the preschool assigned times to clean up the classrooms or be assistant teachers as they all did. It was an experience I've never forgotten.

When I became pregnant with my second son, at that time I was a producer at a jingle advertising firm and recording studio. My boss, upon hearing the news, told me good bye in no uncertain terms.Thinking I had a steady job, I had just bought a new Buick. I'll always remember that car. It was my freedom medal. I can remember going outside to sit in it, dejected, after my boss delivered my death knell, thinking, "how am I going to pay for this?" Well I DID pay for it and I've paid for thousands of things since then and every time fear sneaks in my brain about something, I remember that old Buick. What a fabulous lesson in self-sufficiency.

I've paid to put two sons through major expensive colleges. I own my home. I have bought dozens of cars and tons of clothes and expensive cruises and vacations and jewelry and handbags and well, I am alive. I am existing. I am keeping on keeping on.

Voice overs and singing and teaching have paid the bills and continue to do so. I have the greatest gig on the planet. Self-employment is bliss.

Go for it, ya' all.

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