Sunday, May 9, 2010

On Mother's Day

Proud of: Making it through, educating my boys in the best schools and colleges, in summer camps, writing camps, drama lessons, piano lessons, dancing lessons, more. Sharing them with my parents who enriched them enormously. Being single mom six years before re-marrying was tough but I made it. Juggling my career and kids and especially in the middle-school through high school years. Being perceptive and caring.

Regrets: Not taking time to enjoy babyhood more but I was the sole support at that time and then divorced. I envy women I see pushing baby carriages slowly and shopping. I envy women in parks watching children swing and play. I was at work. I regret not understanding teenagers more. I know now what I did wrong when my boys were becoming men. I should have understood their changing. Instead, I resented their growing apart and leaving home. It was time. They did what they needed to do. All mothers look back with regret. People tell me I did the best job I knew how. I hope that's true.

Happy Mom's Day Everybody.

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