Sunday, May 9, 2010

Why We Network and How!

Networking is vital to everyone's business. I'm in the voice business. I also own and operate a recording studio and invite new audio projects to come to me. So how do I get the word out? First, what does NOT work for me: Print advertisements. Went nowhere. Online advertisements: Now and then get results. Often, nothing happens. Banners on sites: No way to measure. Not sure they do me good. Blogging: Too soon to tell. But I surely enjoy writing. Always have been a writer at heart. Online e-mail groups etc: They are good. Twitter and FB: Probably good for me. Hard to assess. Name recognition probably improves. Linked-In and other business sites: Only so-so thus far. Yesterday, someone told me I'm not using Linked-In the right way so I'll be investigating that. Getting every mention possible online is always a good thing. Even disputes and trivial debates seem to up one's rating in the polls of popularity. Networking where I live is very vital. Don't forget there is a real world out here, not just the online world, sitting alone, typing. And if you're going through life head down on your phone and Blackberry as I see so many people doing nowadays, stop and look up now and then. When I was in Europe last month, I saw people in Rome and Venice and Zurich bent over a phone or IPAD or Blackberry etc. instead of looking at the mountains, the water, the ancient sites. Amazing!! Get real!

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