Saturday, November 6, 2010

Protecting your voice from harm: Gaming/Cartoons

When voicing demanding projects, voice projects that often take long days or weeks to complete, vocal stress and harm is always a possibility, and once damaged, the vocal mechanism, the delicate vocal folds, take a long, long time to repair themselves. Complete vocal rest is mandatory for faster healing and that means not working at all, speaking, for a long period without income from your voice over work or acting. Bad news! There is a category of pay, in union jobs, called 'hazard pay.' This means your agent or you can ask more money for work that is potentially vocally damaging. It's not always paid, however, and smaller jobs or speculative jobs never pay this. So you're on your own...are you willing to be damaged irreparably? Are you willing to lose your voice (maybe forever)? Are you willing to undergo vocal fold surgery for nodes or nodules? Will you go without income when your voice is not operational?No one will care when you're damaged. You've damaged yourself and now it's too late. THINK ABOUT THIS. It's very serious. That's what our webinar is about November 8 Monday night--Protecting your voice. It's sponsored by VOICEOVERXTRA. If you're reading this after this date and did not tune in, you can still contact the voxtra website to enroll and have the podcast of this event emailed to you. The fee is $44.95. It's well worth it. All best.
Bettye Zoller

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