Friday, November 26, 2010

Enjoy Life Every Day! Stay Away From Bad News!

Be careful what you hear and watch on TV. It can drag you down. The world has been at war many thousands of years. The U.S. has had good and terrible presidents. The politicians have always been corrupt for large part. Evil people abuse precious animals and little children. People kill people. Kidnappers and pickpockets and thieves have always existed in the world. Along with these horrible things, good people exist. People help people.Our teachers help us. Our ministers and rabbis guide us. All religions believe in a god...all religions spring from history and have the belief they are the right religion. It's strange. Life is mysterious. We'll never know much about it as we live it. Go with the flow. Stop judging things as good or bad. They just ARE. Enjoy today and every day. The sky outside my window is clear pale blue without a cloud in view. Yesterday was chilly when we walked our dog bundled up to our ears. Today is sweater weather. Lovely. Left over turkey, of course, the day after Thanksgiving. Love that too. Blogging is a great invention. Thanks for reading this. Blog on and I will too.
All best (this photo is from Vienna where we spent Christmas 2009 with our beloved son and his family).

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