Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving for My Career and How It Happened

Serendipity: I was a jingle singer and performer with my jazz group in supper clubs, lounges. A friend who was also a studio singer told me she had a recording session and I inquired for whom. She replied it was a voice over session. I asked what was a voice over! The next week, I went to her house for lunch and heard her new demo (at that time, a little cassette tape). I had been wondering how I would ever use my extensive training as an actor (through two masters degrees and much private study!). Singing had taken precedence in my life. I didn't want to do theatre. Night rehearsals and performances and very little money in return. I was now making a great living singing. But I saw opportunity to diversify. I enrolled in a voice over course attending sixteen night classes with an experienced voice coach in Dallas. Subsequent workshops followed. Soon, I was in the voice over biz. It was and still is fabulous. can't praise it enough. It's a wonderful way to make a living. Teaching others? Didn't enter my mind. I was, however, a singer's coach (still am) and acting coach. Well, people kept asking me to help them break into voice work. I said "no" until it turned to 'yes.' Now, I teach people worldwide and have started literally hundreds in this profession and also in radio-TV work. It was meant to be...Life takes you on paths you did not choose. Go with it. Have fun and enjoy what you do and if you don't enjoy it, stop doing it! Fear of change will stop you. Don't let it. Entrepreneurship can be scary. Don't be scared. It's great. New challenges are around every bend. With every ring of your phone and every day's email, new offers happen. Gotta go. Auditioning and jobs to do and projects to mix edit in my studio. Hope you attend one of our seminars soon. Love to meet you if you and I aren't friends yet. All best. Remember: You are a small business owner and your business is YOU.

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