Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Determination or Just a Dream?

Voice Overs and my recording studio and life go on...some happy some sad moments when dear friends pass or other life happenings. I am watching the black and white classic movie, "Sunset Blvd." with the late and always amazing Gloria Swanson. William Holden stars. He always was a fav of mine and in the film, "Picnic," took my breath away. I've loved him for decades. well, I'm what do I want to write my blog about today? Let me see...

Today I had a client in my recording studio and she kept finding fault with herself. Classic case of self-doubt and insecurity about her abilities. I call that, in my students, "the imposter syndrome." Self-doubt comes from not feeling comfortable in one's own skin, not being sure one should be doing something. Self-doubt can end with abandoning plans, one's dreams, goals, because the person began to doubt so strongly his or her direction. Don't let that happen to you at the beginning of a new endeavor be it a business or a love affair. Yes, voice overs are a business. But they also should be a love affair. They should be something you want to do more than anything else and you should be determined. I guess that's what I want to say here: Determination. Do you have it? You need it.

A good friend in radio, a man who was very wealthy from his broadcasting endeavors, once told me this: "If someone tells you they are THINKING about doing something, starting a new business, learning a new skill or trade, tell them they probably never will amount to anything. That's because if a person wants, with a burning desire, to do something, accomplish something, he isn't just THINKING about doing it. He is DETERMINED."

See what that means? Be determined. Focus. And find your bliss. If it's not meant for you, you'll drop out. Many have. It's not all fun. It's not all joy. It's hard work. It's not glamorous. Oh no. It's sweaty and scary and wonderful.

Bettye Zoller


  1. I think the difference between thinking of doing something and actually doing it is thoughtful planning and time management. When I set my sites on a goal, I break it down into manageable steps and schedule in those steps on my calendar. Every night before I go to bed I review my to do list and prioritize tasks for the day ahead. My productivity increases exponentially by taking the time to do this.

    On my calendar for today... book my spot in Bettye's Audio Book Seminar, and choose a domain name for my new VO website.

  2. Absolutely, Steve. I do the same. In fact, yesterday, at a bookstore, I bought a new daily reminder book for 2011 I like a lot. I also keep a datebook but don't carry with me. This new book is a short reminder list thing...
    All best.
    bettye z