Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fashion and Voice Overs: Lessons to be Learned

The subject is competition, innovation, advertising your wares, catching the public eye, excelling in your business, making money. It's true in fashion and in voice overs (and all, film, tv, music, art, on and on). A student spoke with me about "competition" and how much of it there is in voice overs. What? So what? Talk about about being a fashion designer? I was reading Harper's Bazaar this morning. Love fashion. Love watching it and reading about it. All of the seasons of each year, designers must release new clothing, touting the line as "new." In reality, nothing is new. It's a rehash. What about opening a clothing store? What about going national with your clothing or your cosmetic line or whatever it is you do or sell? Scary? You bet! And people do it all the time without fear...well, they have fear, of course, they plan and design what seems to them to be the best roads to take to success, and along the way, get investors and lines of credit at banks and money to take their wares national. Then, the eventually have showrooms in NYC or even buildings in NYC and all over the world like Gucci, Chanel, von Furstenberg (opening new store not far from our home in Highland Park Village, the "rodeo drive" of Dallas...nothing in any store under $2000! And lots of shoppers in them too. So there! Don't worry about competition. What about being a hairdresser or a dentist or a dancer or a painter or a home decorator or furniture designer? Competition rules the world. Go with it. Enjoy it. Learn from your competition. Take their best ideas for yourself and earn with them. Learn from them and wish them well. Learn what NOT to do too. That's important. Fashion and Voice Overs and Acting and Singing and Playing the Guitar and name it...competition is the spice of life!

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