Thursday, September 23, 2010

I Know Audio Books and the Publishing Biz

Here's why: In 1991, we met in a restaurant, my soon-to-be-partners and I, to talk about forming a corporation, an audio book publishing company. This was the start of a whirlwind education,overly optimistic, I headed onward totally ignorant of what I had just set myself up for. Stupidity. So now, with offices rented and office furniture purchased, an attorney paid a fortune for drawing up the corporate papers, there we are. We created and distributed fifteen titles in all. Many were worldwide sellers, still out there! I became a Simon and Schuster author reader producer as a result of their finding out about me and my company's successes. Along the way, we snagged several big fish including The Audio Book Club. When they ordered 25,000 copies of several titles, it was time for big bank loans. Oh boy. Scary.swe spent a fortune on getting educated, attending conferences, consulting with experts on both coasts, buying expensive booths at trade shows just to get noticed. It worked. Ten years later, we dissolved the corp. when two partners became ill and subsequently passed away. It was, indeed, a life experience. Now, I teach audio books...the business and narrating them. I know whereof I speak. Let me help you avoid the painful experiences I endured on my long learning curve. My annual audio book workshop in Dallas is a goldmine of information. Join us. Watch my site for info. In 2010 it's Nov 13-14. Be there.

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